About Me

Matilde Magro

Sustainability Designer, Teacher, Spiritual Guide

Hi, and welcome to my website! 

My name is Matilde, and I'm a student of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Counselling. I work in Life Coaching since 2019 and in Alternative Therapies since 2015. I love what I do, and I've helped a lot of people get the tools needed to support major transitions or even better mental health. 

My passion is Social Complexity and that is where I'm focusing my studies. I've studied Analysis of Complex Problems and Social, Ecological, and Economic Design, and also taken a few dabs at Alternative Economies and Sustainability Design. I've studied Sustainability Design in a program sponsored by the United Nations, and Leadership with a United Nations program on Servant Leadership called Ubuntu United Nations. 

I'm passionate about how the human collective brings about change, and that's how I found out about Ancestral Healing - which is my main point of work at the moment. The way patterns of family dynamics are interwoven into society and how everyone's behaviors heal or hinder human development... sounds boring? It definitely is not... well, for me at least.


I'm also very interested in teaching meditation and other spiritual practices, and I do that too!  

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What is Sustainability Design?

Sustainability Design is a way in which we can design Social, Ecological, and Economic transformation. It is a tool for social growth that allows the network enthusiasts of the world to come together and help build a better society for us all. 

Sustainability Design focuses on how Nature works and mimics those behaviors in human society - making organic what can seem mechanical and with little substance. A good example is the Circular Economy, a child born out of Economic Sustainable Design.